Difference Between PVC and uPVC

UPVC Windows manufacturers in India claim that a common man must know that PVC and uPVC are two different things. There are not many people who are actually aware about the features that differentiate the two. Most of the times people use the two terms interchangeable which is not a good thing. Here we are going to discuss the difference between PVC and uPVC.


FunderMax Delhi wants people to know that PVC stands for polyvinyl chloride which is ideally a common and strong but at the same time a lightweight plastic that is used in construction. It is composed of the softer but comparatively more flexible due to plasticizers that are added to it. On the other hand, Automatic Door solutions clarify that if there are no plasticizers added then it is known as uPVC. uPVC is the short form for unplasticized polyvinyl chloride which is basically the rigid PVC. At some places it is also known as vinyl siding.


The two have completely different properties as well which makes the difference even more prominent. PVC finds use in making pipes, cable insulation, clothes and toys. On the other hand, uPVC is used in making Window frames, plumbing as well as draining. The former contains phthalates and BPA while later has no such ingredients in its composition. On the one hand PVC is flexible and durable and cheaply available but on the flip side UPVC is surely rigid and durable in addition to being fire resistant and recyclable but not at all flexible.

All in all, this is the difference between PVC and uPVC that you need to know and acknowledge so that you do not end up making wrong choices. After reading this you will never use the two terms interchangeably ever again.

Source : https://fundermaxdelhi.site123.me/blog/difference-between-pvc-and-upvc